YZC IR Repeater 1 Receiver 2 Emitters, 2 AV Devices

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Powered by USB 5V,  U102A-P can be used to amplify the Remote Control IR ( Infra Red ) signal up to 2 AV Electronics Device. The length of the Emitting cable can be extended using 3.5mm Male to Female Cable.

Remote Control IR Repeater/ IR Extender can be used with weak IR Remote control signal from players such as IPTV. CD/VCD/DVD/ Blu-ray, Home System, Television, Setup box, recorder, CATV, Karaoke system, etc. It is also recommended for Players/ Equipments which are concealed in console or cabinet.

Operating at 34KHz ~  60KHz, This IR Repeater is the smallest yet powerful IR repeater with high speed transmission without delay.

• Receiving Frequency ( Broadband ) : 34KHz ~ 60KHz
• Emitting Frequency ( Broadband )  : 38 KHz ~ 56KHz
• Receiving Distance : 8 meter
• Emitting Distance : 10-20 cm
• Power Consumption :  < 30mA
• Dimension for Receiver & Emitter : 31 (L) ×17 (W) ×13 (H) mm, 13 (L) ×8 (W) ×5. 5 (H) mm
• Input AC 100-240V/ Output DC 5V : USB 5V 500mA

1. USB Adaptor 5V 500mA
Our U series which is powered by USB adaptor ( Included ) can also be powered by connecting the USB cable to the USB port on your AV Equipment.
2. IR Emitter to DC3.5mm Male Cable Length 1m ( Extendable length )
IR Emitter Cable is one which the Emitter to be stuck on the IR Point of your AV equipment ( Extendable by adding 3.5mm Stereo Male - Female cable )
3. USB to DC3.5mm Female Length 0.3m, USB to IR Receiver Length 2m
IR Receiving Cable has a receiving Connector which communicates with your remote control.
1. Clean the surface of your AV equipment. Stick the IR Emitter on the IR point of your AV Equipment. Joint the Male & Female of DC3.5mm.
2. Place the IR Receiver such a way that it is facing your remote control. It is advisable to place away from Plasma or CCFL screen as it may affect the remote control signal.
3. Connect the USB to USB Adaptor/ USB port of AV Equipment for power
4. Power up & all is ready to go.


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