YZC AV Splitter 1–2 over CAT5E/ CAT6 with IR Extender/ Repeater

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NB101 is a device which enables 2 Televisions sharing 1 source of AV equipment/ Player with a  maximum distance of 100m via CAT5E/CAT6 in between. With the IR Remote Control Extender/ Repeater function, you may enjoy the program ( TV ) in the comfort of your room to control the AV Equipment/ Player which is stationed in the hall.
1. Enable 2 televisions to share a single source of AV Electronics Appliance/ Player ( maximum 100m apart ) and Remote Control into any of the 2 location.
2. Using the Remote Control in the room directing at the IR Receiver, signal will be sent to the Transceiver & hence the IR Emitter which then to the Player/ Appliances ( Hall ). All signals sent is real time without any delay. 
3. This device does not allow users to watch different programmes at different rooms with one player such as set up box. It is best to use in Bank, pubs, supermarket or home.

• Real time transmission without any delay with its high sensitivity sensor. 
• This unit can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting and work in most lighting environments. 
• Green being power connected while flashing red indicates the signal is being sent. 
• With this feature, it is compatible with almost all the electronics appliances in the market with its wide frequency range. 
• Small & Solid design. 

1. Transceiver Box ( 1 piece ) 
Interface : 4 X RJ45 Ports, USB BM Female 5V Input, 1 AV Input, 1 AV Output. 3.5mm Port for Emitter & 3.0mm Port for Receiver ( Spare ) 
2. IR Receiving Host. ( 1 piece ) 
Each Cable with 1 X RJ45 Port, IR Receiver Head ( 1.5m ) and 1 Set of AV Cable 
3. IR Emitter Cable 1m length ( 1 piece ) 
4. USB BM Charging cable : 1m length ( 1 piece ) 
5. USB Adaptor 5V 500mAh ( 1 piece ) 
6. Instruction Manual ( 1 piece )

- Objective : DVD player in the hall to be shared between Hall & another room 
- Connection in the Hall 
- Connect the Emitter Cable into the 3.5mm port & USB adaptor to the USB Port of Transceiver respectively. ( The transceiver is to be placed in the hall ). Stick the IR Emitter head to the IR point of DVD player. 
- Connect AV Output of DVD player to Transceiver AV Input with AV RCA Cable 
- Connect AV Output of Transceiver to the AV input of TV 1 ( Hall ) 
• Additional IR Receiver Cable ( Not included ) can be connected to the transceiver for the purpose of controlling the DVD player in the hall if the DVD is concealed in cabinets or IR signal is weak. 
Connection in Room 1 
- Connect the AV RCA Cable on IR Receiving host into the AV Input of TV2 ( Room ) 
- Stick the IR Receiver head anywhere facing the direction which remote control will be used. 
- Joint the IR Receiving Host RJ45 Port ( Room ) and the Transceiver RJ45 Port ( Hall ) using CAT5E/CAT6 cable. 
- Installation is complete


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